About Us

AV Group is a consulting firm that has positioned itself in the development of technological solutions, data analysis and people management, with the objective of helping Clients achieve sustainable results.
Its offices in Barcelona and Madrid, as well as its presence in Latin America headquartered in Bogota, make it a global firm.
Our experienced consultants strive to meet the needs and demands of companies. AV Group places special emphasis on quality of service and customization of its solutions, characterized by continuous innovation.
The strength and recognition of AV Group is also supported by specific agreements with specialized firms, reinforcing the coverage of its services to its Clients.


We create relationships of trust

We provide trust and build relationships of close trust with the client, which allow us to know the real situation with a greater degree of accuracy, thanks to the experience and effective communication of the consultants.

Innovative solutions design

Absolute commitment to results, through the implementation of customized solutions, optimizing the quality / cost ratio, with the levers of flexibility and adaptability to the needs of the Client.

Agility in projects

Always with a practical and non-invasive approach, to achieve the objectives set in a timely manner.


Customer orientation

Proactively, customer expectations are identified to anticipate their demands, implementing the most appropriate solutions, through a flexible service adapted to their needs, which results in the generation of value.

Excellence and Quality of Service

Continuous improvement in innovation to achieve the highest levels of excellence, efficiency, communication, security, confidentiality and advice.

Personal Development

Growth and continuous learning are essential elements to guarantee the future. Efficient team management, coordination and the search for synergies are the best ways to achieve and consolidate results.

Integrity and Professional Ethics

Strict commitment to compliance with legal regulations, as well as the application of good professional practices and self-regulation in the event of conflicts of interest, in order to promote the best conduct and image of the company in the market.