Discovering AV Group


AV Group is a company formed by talented professionals with diverse experience, willing to contribute innovative solutions for our clients. We are motivated by the search for new formulas that suit our client´s reality, their current market situation and preparation for the future.

Our goal is not to provide temporary solutions, but to search for global formulas that give our clients applied viability and added value to every project.

Why AV?

Recent market change and evolution has provoked an increasing global uncertainty that affects companies’ outcomes.

In light of this new environment, AV associates, with extensive professional experience, offer strategic solutions for making decisions that guarantee improved results.

AV associates aim to provide an unwavering professional excellence, flexibility and personal service to our clients, in addition to an innovative development of their company.

Who are we?

  • We are a qualified team of professionals. We have wide-ranging and significant experience in insurance and financial industry.
  • We have qualified consultants (including senior consultants) who work for for clients in Spain and in other countries around Europe and Latam. We have offices in Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Agreements and partnerships with International Consulting Companies with mutual goals.
  • The Board is composed by 4 members (3 independent professionals)

Our approach

  • Team building with client managers and key client’s personnel.
  • Non invasive approach.
  • Involvement of experienced consultants in operative activities.
  • Full commitment to results.
  • Care in cost/ performance ratio.
  • Global approach

Our values

  • Professional Excellence
  • Flexibility and adaptability to customer needs
  • Economic Value of our services and costs
  • Professional Integrity and Ethics
  • Closely-knit team